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A Dubai Summer Guide- What To Pack & Wear

Dubai Summer Guide

Did you know that Dubai can get incredibly hot, especially during the summer months (June to September)? The temperature rises above 40°C (and it’s 104°F for our American friends!). When it comes to enjoying local tours and activities, such as thrilling desert adventures like dune buggy rides and quad biking, or exploring iconic landmarks like the Burj Khalifa, and indulging in water sports at Jumeirah Beach, packing for this kind of heat can be tricky. 

You want to be comfortable exploring the city and the desert, but also respectful of the local culture. Opt for light, breathable fabrics and don’t forget sun protection to make the most of your adventure-packed trip to Dubai.

Knowing what to pack will ensure you can experience all that Dubai has to offer without any wardrobe worries. You can go with the breathable fabrics, essential sun protection, and outfits that will keep you cool while fitting in with the local vibe. Let’s get into it.

Essential Clothes for Dubai Summers

Focus on lightweight, breathable fabrics

Clothes for Dubai Summers

You can choose the clothes that feel like a gentle breeze on your skin. That’s the goal. Your best buddies will be clothes made from light, breathable fabrics. These incredible fabrics let your skin breathe easy, so you don’t get all sweaty and uncomfortable.

Here are some superhero fabrics to pack in your suitcase:


You know and love this one! Cotton is soft, lets your skin breathe, and comes in tons of styles. You can think of cool t-shirts, flowy maxi dresses that move with you, or comfy shorts.


This natural fabric feels super light and actually gets softer the more you wash it. Imagine linen shirts, pants, or even breezy dresses that keep you cool and looking effortlessly stylish.


This awesome fabric feels almost like silk, but it’s easier on your wallet. Look for rayon shirts, tank tops (remember to be mindful of showing shoulders in some places), or comfy pants that will keep you cool all day long.

You should bring your tops


Now that we’ve got the super cool fabrics covered, let’s talk about tops. Remember, the temp in Dubai is hot, so sun protection is the key. But also, Dubai is a place that values modesty, especially in certain areas. So, how do we find that balance between cool and respectful?


T-shirts are a summer staple, and they’re perfect for Dubai too. Choose lightweight cotton or linen tees in fun colors or cool patterns. For the ladies, tank tops are great for feeling breezy, but just be mindful of where you’re exploring. 

Light Scarf

If you’re visiting religious sites or more conservative areas, it’s a good idea to pack a light scarf or sarong to cover your shoulders. It’s a simple way to be respectful of the local culture.

Long-sleeved shirts

They might seem counterintuitive for hot weather, but they provide excellent sun protection for your arms and shoulders, which is especially important if you’re planning on spending a lot of time outdoors. And, a loose-fitting long sleeve can be surprisingly cool and airy, especially when there’s a little breeze.

What should you have in the bottom?

Shorts (men)

For the guys, comfy shorts are a must for those hot days. Just keep in mind that Dubai leans towards modesty, especially in certain areas. You should go for knee-length shorts or ones that fall slightly longer to show respect for the local culture.

Skirts (women)

You should have flowy midi skirts or maxi skirts that reach your ankles that are perfect for staying cool and looking stylish. They’re also a great choice for religious sites or more conservative areas, as they offer more coverage than shorter styles.

Breathable pants/leggings

Don’t forget some comfy pants or leggings! Look for lightweight fabrics like linen or cotton that will let your skin breathe. They’re perfect for exploring the city, lounging around, or even having a thrilling Dubai desert safari time  (yes, Dubai has deserts too!).

Additional Packing Considerations.

If you want to make the most out of your Dubai tour, and really want to create unforgettable moments, here are some additional things you should pack.


Don’t forget your swimsuit for splashing around in the amazing pools or hitting the beach. If you’re visiting public beaches, keep in mind that modest swimwear is generally appreciated. Dubai also has some incredible water parks, so a swimsuit is a must-pack for these watery adventures.


Comfortable sandals or walking shoes are your best bets for exploring the city. Your feet will thank you for the breathability and support, especially in the hot weather. Flip flops are optional, but perfect for lounging by the pool or at the beach.

Evening Wear

Depending on your plans, you might want to pack a light outfit or two for dinners or nights out. Dubai has a vibrant nightlife scene, so if you’re planning on hitting the clubs or fancy restaurants, pack something a bit dressier. 

Wrap Up!

All packed for Dubai’s hot summer? This guide helps you pack the right stuff so you can enjoy everything Dubai has to offer. Explore all the cool places, from busy markets to amazing buildings, with clothes that keep you comfy and cool. Pack smart, stay cool, and have an unforgettable summer adventure in Dubai!  


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