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What are the popular carpet styles?

What are the popular carpet styles?

Carpets are the most commonly used textile floor covering in home decor. They may add design, comfort, and functionality to your flooring by varying pile heights and densities. Stores sell these Dubai carpets in a variety of fiber options and design profiles. The techniques used to weave pile yarns and fiber materials determine the carpet styles.

There are three primary types of carpets: cut-pile, loop-pile, and cut-and-loop pile. These three carpet styles cover several sorts of carpets in Dubai for home decor, which can differ in quality and look. This article describes three major carpet varieties based on pile yarns and production procedures.

Carpet Styles and Types: Based on Weaving and Construction

Carpet styles can affect the overall appearance of a room’s decor. Therefore, when choosing carpets, keep these basic trends in mind.

1. Cut piles of carpet

Cut pile refers to the manner in which the ends of carpet strands are visible or sheared. These carpets come in a variety of heights, textures, and twisting patterns. Cut-pile carpets are stain-resistant, extremely durable, and ideal for high-traffic areas. Household areas typically use these carpets with their softer appeal and fluffy piles.

Basic Cut-Pile Carpet Styles

Cut plush and twist pile carpets are available in a wide range of materials.

Velvet Carpet: Velvet is a rich and soft carpet that offers superior comfort and a magnificent appearance. These carpets are pricey, long-lasting, and resistant to UV rays and outdoor lighting. Aside from appearance, these carpets provide insulation for an area.

Saxony Carpet: This type of cut-pile carpet has evenly cut and densely packed fibers. They have around half-inch-long filaments that stand straight up. We recommend using these deep pile carpets in bedrooms and living areas for their luxurious feel.
Frieze Carpet: These carpets feature a shot pile that allows for flexible coiling. Because of their rough appearance, they can conceal tracks. Although it provides a nice alternative, cleaning these carpets can be challenging due to the trapping of dirt within the strands.

Shag carpets contain soft and long strands that form a deep and thick pile. These carpets, with their incredibly soft piles and fragile fibers, are ideally suited to bedrooms and low-traffic areas.

2. Loop Pile Carpet

Another carpet style is loop pile carpet, which has strands composed of synthetic and wool fibers that run through the carpet backing. The securely linked loop pile carpet fibers provide excellent tensile strength. We recommend these carpets for high-traffic areas due to their durability.

Basic Styles for Loop-Pile Carpet

Level loop and multi-level loop pile are the two categories into which these carpets fall.

Berber Loop Pile: 

A succession of short loops bent into the fibers creates a deep and silky appearance. They have variable-sized, long, and uncut loops that produce distinct patterns. These carpets are the most durable and wear-resistant alternative.
Fibers of the same length make up level-loop pile carpets. These carpets include textured and densely woven loops that do not reveal footprints. Level-loop carpets are ideal for high-traffic areas. These carpets, with stiff fibers, are extremely durable.

Multi-Level Loop Pile: These carpets, also known as high-low loop pile carpets, feature fibers of varying pile heights and densities. This carpet style loops the threads instead of cutting them to create distinct patterns and textures.

3. Cut and loop carpet piles

They construct these carpets from both cut pile and loop pile fibers. They apply abstract or geometric designs to the surface in a variety of colors. Cut-and-loop pile carpets provide swirls, chevrons, and squares with a variety of surface textures. These carpets provide the most durable surface because they blend cut and loop pile fibers.

Textured Cut and Loop Pile: 

Textured carpets, a popular type of cut and loop piles, feature twisted and cut pile yarns for a uniform appearance. The twists in these carpets provide exceptional stain resistance and durability. These carpets give floors a solid appearance, a textured feel, and a fashionable look.


Weavers or craftsmen weave or craft carpets using a variety of textile and fiber materials. Carpets Dubai appearance and texture vary depending on pile height, density, and short, long, and twisted fibers. Carpet types vary depending on their fibrous appearance.

There are three basic carpet styles: cut, loop, and cut-pile loop. Each carpet has a unique look, texture, twist, and pile yarn. Aside from that, cut pile carpet styles include Saxony, textured, woven, velvet, shag, and frieze. 


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